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States Usage

To use States feature, you need to add the States keyword(s) after the States class(es) with a hyphens "-" between them in order to get the desired effect.

States CDN
States Datas
Keywords Trigger Relay Target
base Base class None Base class
global Global class None Children of Global class
into Hover|Focus the parent of Into class None Into class
onto Hover|Focus the Onto class None Onto class
toall Hover|Focus the Toall class None Children of Toall class
toone Hover|Focus a child of Toone class None Child of Toone class
check + hub + goal Check class Checked Hub class Goal class
radio1 + relay + target1 Radio1 class Checked Relay class Target1 class
radio2 + relay + target2 Radio2 class Checked Relay class Target2 class
radio3 + relay + target3 Radio3 class Checked Relay class Target3 class
radio4 + relay + target4 Radio4 class Checked Relay class Target4 class
radio5 + relay + target5 Radio5 class Checked Relay class Target5 class